Serving the Armstrong, Dotyville, Eden, and Mitchel area.



What is Scrip?

Scrip is an ongoing fundraiser at Shepherd of the Hills.  The Scrip program purchases prepaid gift cards from retailers at a varying discount of 2% - 20%.  This percentage is the profit earned that can be applied to parish expenses, school tuition, and religious education fees.

At Shepherd of the Hills, 95%of your profit can be applied to the program of your choosing -- parish, school (K3 through 8th Grade), religious education, and SMSA High School. 5% of the profit is retained to cover the cost of the scrip program.



Placing a Scrip Order & Pick Up Availability

To place an order for Scrip, complete an order form and drop it in the collection box in the school office or just outside the coffee house before the start of Mass on Sundays at 10:30 am.

Your completed order will typically be available for pick up the next day (Monday).  Back order items are ready later the same week.

Scrip Order Form (updated 7-1-2017)

To view a complete list of vendors nationwide go to


Scrip Pick Up Locations

  • Parish Office (6:30 - 4:00 M-TH)
  • Parish Gift Shoppe (Weekends only)
  • School Office (during the School Day or Religious Education)

You can also have your son or daughter take it home from school or religious education after a waiver is completed and returned to the Scrip Coordinator!


Presto Pay & Scrip Now

The Shepherd of the Hills Scrip Program is pleased to announce the additions of Presto Pay and Scrip Now to the Scrip Program. Please contact a Scrip Coordinator at to set up your account for using these convenient online options.