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What is Scrip?

Scrip is an ongoing fundraiser at Shepherd of the Hills.  The Scrip program purchases prepaid gift cards from retailers at varying discounts of 2%-20%.  This percentage is the profit earned that can be applied to parish expenses, school tuition, and religious education fees.  At Shepherd of the Hills, 95% of your profit can be applied to the program of your choosing -- parish, school (3K-8), religious education, and SMSA High School.  5% of the profit is retained to cover the cost of the Scrip program.

Please note that  in order to receive someone else's Scrip credit, you must be an active Scrip user yourself.  An active Scrip user is defined as placing 1 Scrip order per month minimum.  If they are not active Scrip users, profits will be directed to the parish general fund. 

Placing a Scrip Order & Pick Up Availability

To place an order for Scrip, complete an order form located by the scrip boxes outside the coffee house or in the school office.  Orders to be processed must be received before the start of 10:30 Masses on Sundays.  Orders can also be placed anytime during the week.  Want more convenience?  Order scrip online when you have a PrestoPay account set-up.

Scrip orders are available for  pick up immediately after the 8:15 or 10:30 Masses on Sundays.    4 p.m. Mass is available, but is only for picking up orders from the previous week.  A scrip volunteer will be located between the parish and gift shop doors for distribution.    Scrip orders can also be picked up on Tuesday evenings at the parish office outside entrance from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.  

Contact the Scrip Coordinator at [email protected]  with questions or how to get started.  
To view a complete list of vendors go to  

Scrip Order Form

(form updated 1/28/2020)